Sealy Emergency Room Faq's

What is a freestanding Emergency Room?
A freestanding emergency room/center is a state-licensed emergency center that operates separately or “freestanding” from a hospital. At Sealy ER, we have the infrastructure of a traditional hospital but can promptly deliver a better level of medical care without the wait of a traditional ER in a soothing and comfortable setting.

How are you different than my doctor’s office, a general clinic or an urgent care center?
Most clinics don’t have a full laboratory, pharmacy, x-ray or CT scanner at their disposal. Our staff and nurses have been trained in Emergency Rooms and ICUs around the Houston area and our physicians are fully board certified and residency trained in Emergency Medicine. This means we are able to work up minor and major emergencies ranging from sore throats and ear infections to heart attacks and strokes.

Usually at your doctor’s office you have to set an appointment and there can be a long wait. At Sealy ER, no appointments are necessary, as soon as you walk in you will be greeted by our professional and courteous staff and be seen by a trained nurse and physician within 5 minutes of your arrival.

What if I need emergent surgery or need to be admitted to the hospital?
We have arrangements with most major hospitals to transfer you to the hospital of your choice or the hospital which your private physician has privileges. We also have arrangements with local ambulance companies to provide a safe and comfortable transfer to a facility to extend your medical care.

Are you more expensive than a traditional Emergency Room?
No, we have the same rates as a traditional hospital based emergency room, however we are able to streamline our services by offering only the tests and procedures that are necessary. Without the extra administrators and overhead we are able to offer a more personal and efficient ER experience. In addition you may be able to save on your medical expenses with our frequent promotions and our innovative billing and payment options.

I don’t understand the charges on my bill?
If you ever have any questions regarding your bill please do not hesitate to call us. We will do our best to make the billing process as clear and concise as possible.

Please refer to the videos below that further explain the billing process: